Traverse City Church of Christ
P.O. BOX 5320 (mailing) 3250 RENNIE ST. | TRAVERSE CITY, MI 49696 | PHONE: 231.946.9252

Meeting Times

Sunday: Bible Class 10 am | Worship 10:45 am | Wednesday: 6:30pm

A CHURCH worth visiting

The Traverse City Church of Christ is near the Grand Traverse Mall at the intersection of South Airport Rd. and the corner of Rennie St.

Minister: Matthew French

Church Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday. 9am-Noon

Sunday Bible Class: 10:00am for all ages

Sunday Worship: 10:45am with Bible Time II for children ages 3-12.

Sunday Night: 6:00pm

Wednesday Night: 6:30pm

Traverse City Church of Christ Profile (Traverse City, Michigan)

Traverse City is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is the county seat of Grand Traverse County, although a small portion extends into Leelanau County. It is the largest city in the 21-county Northern Michigan region. The population was 14,674 at the 2010 census, with 143,372 in the Traverse City micropolitan area.

The Traverse City area is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States.Near the time of cherry harvest, the city hosts the annual week-long National Cherry Festival in the first full week of July, attracting approximately 500,000 visitors annually.The surrounding countryside also produces grapes, and is one of the centers of wine production in the Midwest. Tourism, both summer and winter, is another key industry. The Traverse City area features varied natural attractions, including freshwater beaches, vineyards, a National Lakeshore, downhill skiing areas, and numerous forests. In 2009, TripAdvisor named Traverse City the number two small town travel destination in the United States. In 2012, the city was listed among the 10 best places to retire in the U.S., by U.S. News.

Every third Sunday of the month immediately following the morning worship, we invite you to have lunch with us at our monthly potluck.

May God bless you and we hope to meet you soon!

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class

Overview of Acts: “This amazing book picks up the story where the Gospels leave off, telling about the early days of the church. Acts bridges the gap between the Gospel accounts and the letters of instruction tat compose most of the rest of the New Testament.” (from Lifelinks to God ).

  1. Sunday February 19, 2017: Song of Solomon 5:2-8:14
    a. Topic: The Life of Love. Workbook: Page 105
    b. Objective: Learn how the couple adjusted to married life and understand the power of true love.
  2. Sunday April 23, 2017: Acts 15:36-18:22
    a. Topic: Paul Takes His Second Journey. Workbook: Page 71
    b. Objective: Learn how the Holy Spirit guided Paul’s trips.
  3. Sunday April 30, 2017: Acts 18:23:21:16
    a. Topic: Paul takes his Third Journey. Workbook: Page 79
    b. Objective: Learn how Paul was a coach to the disciples in Galatia and Phrygia.

Sunday Evening Study

Sunday Evening Meeting Time: 6:00PM