Traverse City Church of Christ
P.O. BOX 5320 (mailing) 3250 RENNIE ST. | TRAVERSE CITY, MI 49696 | PHONE: 231.946.9252

Meeting Times

Sunday: Bible Class 10 am | Worship 10:45 am | Night 6:00 pm | Wednesday: 6:30pm

A CHURCH worth visiting

The Traverse City Church of Christ is near the Grand Traverse Mall at the intersection of South Airport Rd. and the corner of Rennie St.

Sunday Bible Class: 10am for all ages

Sunday Worship: 10:45am with Bible Time II for children ages 3-12.

Sunday Night: 6pm

Wednesday Night: 6:30pm

The Traverse City Church of Christ is a gathering of believers in Northern Michigan celebrating Jesus' life and teaching daily. The church is founded on the word of God. We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God, and He died to take our sins away. We are a caring group of believers. Our goal is to be a Christ-centered family, living for Jesus, loving our neighbors, and providing a light to the world.

The Traverse City Church of Christ is a "visitor friendly" congregation. You will be made to feel welcome and never singled out or embarrassed. If you are "searching" to know God or have questions, please come to our Sunday Bible Classes.

Every third Sunday of the month immediately following the morning worship, we invite you to have lunch with us at our monthly potluck.

May God bless you and we hope to meet you soon!

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class

August 5, 2015 through October 18, 2015 we will be studying the book of Revelation.

The book of Revelation begins and ends with the Lord Jesus Christ. Though filled with magnificent visions and imagery that may be difficult to understand, first and foremost the Book of Revelation is about Jesus Christ. The book is characterized by hope for Christ’s return. Revelation also contains warnings for believers to commit themselves to live in right- eousness and integrity by the power of the Holy Spirit and for the wicked to turn from sin and trust in Him.

Coming Soon will be our Study of the Books of Ezekiel and Daniel

Sunday Evening Study

On Sunday evening we will be studying the Parables of Jesus through a DVD Series.